Parish Council Papers

2024 Meeting Papers

19th June 2024 (Extra Ordinary Meeting) - Agenda

15th May 2024 (Annual Parish Meeting) - Agenda

8th May 2024 (Annual Parish Council Meeting) - Agenda Draft minutes

17th April 2024 (Extra Ordinary Meeting) - Agenda Draft Minutes

13th March 2024 - Agenda   Draft minutes

10th January 2024 - Agenda Signed minutes

2023 Meeting Papers

6th December 2023 (Extra Ordinary Meeting) - Agenda  Signed minutes

8th November 2023 - Agenda  Signed minutes

13th September 2023 - Agenda  Signed minutes

12th July 2023 - Agenda Signed minutes

27th June 2023 (Extra Ordinary Meeting at 6.30pm) - Agenda Signed Minutes

17th May 2023 (Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm) - Agenda  Signed Minutes

17th May 2023 (Annual Parish Council Meeting at 6.30pm) - Agenda Signed Minutes

26th April 2023 (Extra Ordinary Meeting) - Agenda   Signed minutes

17th March 2023 - Agenda  Signed minutes

1st February 2023 (Extra Ordinary Meeting) - Agenda Signed minutes

11th January 2023 -  Agenda  Signed minutes

2022 Meeting Papers

9th November 2022 -  Agenda Signed minutes

28th September 2022    - Agenda Signed minutes

14th September 2022  - Meeting postponed out of respect to her late majesty, Queen Elisabeth II.

13th July 2022  Agenda   Signed minutes

29th June 2022 Agenda Signed Minutes

18th May 2022 (Annual Parish Meeting) Agenda   Draft minutes

11th May 2022 (Annual meeting of council) Agenda  Signed Minutes

30th March 2022 (Extra ordinary meeting) Agenda   Signed minutes

9th March 2022 Agenda  Signed minutes

12th January 2022 Agenda  Financial Statement Signed minutes

2021 Meeting Papers

10th November 2021 Agenda Financial Statement Signed minutes

1st September 2021 Agenda  Financial Statement Signed minutes

14th July 2021 Agenda  Financial Statement Signed minutes

23rd June 2021 (Extra Ordinary Meeting)  Agenda  Signed minutes

26th May 2021 (Annual meeting of Council) Agenda Financial report Signed minutes

10th March 2021 Agenda  Financial report  Signed minutes

13th January 2021   Agenda Financial report Signed minutes  Budget for FY21-22

2020 Meeting papers

11th November 2020  Agenda   Financial report Signed minutes  Spending against budget

16th September 2020  Agenda  Finance Report   Signed minutes

8th July 2020  Agenda Financial Report Signed minutes

20th May 2020   Agenda   Financial Report   Signed minutes

11th March 2020  Agenda   Financial Statement    Signed Minutes

8th January 2020  Agenda  Financial Report   Signed Minutes

2019 Meeting papers

13th November 2019 Agenda   Financial Statement   Signed Minutes

11th September 2019  Agenda  Financial Statement Signed minutes

10th July 2019 Agenda   Financial Statement Signed Minutes

8th May 2019 Agenda  Financial Statement Signed Minutes

13th March 2019 Agenda  Financial Statement  Signed Minutes

9th January 2019 Agenda  Financial Statement Signed Minutes & Budget 

2018 Meeting papers

14th November 2018 Agenda  Financial Statement   Signed minutes

12th September 2018 Agenda Financial Statement Minutes

8th August 2018 (Planning meeting) Agenda  Minutes

16th July 2018 Agenda   Financial Statement  Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting 23rd May 2018 Agenda

9th May 2018 (Annual Meeting of the Council) Agenda  Minutes   Financial Statement

14th March 2018 Agenda  Minutes

7th February 2018  Agenda  Draft Minutes

10th January 2018  Agenda  Draft Minutes + budget  Financial Statement

2017 Meeting papers

8th November 2017  Agenda   Draft minutes   Financial Statement

13th September 2017   Agenda  Draft Minutes   Financial Statement

12th July 2017     Agenda    Draft Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting 17th May 2017 Agenda    Minutes

10th May 2017 (Annual meeting of Council)    Agenda    Minutes

8th March 2017  Agenda   Minutes

15th February 2017 (Planning meeting) Agenda  Minutes

11th January 2017 Agenda  Minutes