Safari Supper

The idea of a safari supper is that people go to different houses for each course of the meal and meet up with different people throughout the evening.

This is a new event for Frilsham and we have held two Safari Suppers in 2017, the first at the end of January and the second at the start of July.

At these events everyone started and ended the evening together, for prosecco and coffee respectively, but for the three food courses people didn’t know in advance where they would be going. Hosts just knew how many people they were feeding, and whether they needed to cater for any dietary requirements.

Both events in 2017 went very well and everyone who attended really enjoyed the evening.  Hosts enjoyed just making one course and we all enjoyed spending time with different people and getting to know our neighbours better.

The plan is to continue next year, but we haven't yet settled on a time of year, with enthusiasm being expressed for both of the times it has been held.

If you'd like to know more or get involved next time please speak to Jeremy Pack, Ali Luke or Allison Gillespie.