There are two allotment sites in Frilsham - one in School Lane (12 allotments) and the other along Pot Kiln lane (6 allotments).  The School Lane site has robust fencing, large composting bins and an all important water supply.  The annual rent is a mere £5.00!





The rent for the Pot Kiln Lane site is less - it is a less formal site and there is no water supply.  However it is open and sunny, and everything grows well.







The School Lane site also has a large paddock which is available to rent and a succession of residents' horses and ponies have made their home there!  And the manure is very useful to allotment holders.




Annual Allotment Trust Barbecue 2017



The allotments are very productive so lots of hard work goes on, but being part of the allotments is also very social and includes an annual barbecue, organised by the allotment holders to celebrate their growing successes.

The allotment holders form the Frilsham Allotment Trust and are also affiliated to The National Allotment Society which provides essential insurance and legal guidance if necessary.  See Allotment Trust

If you are interested in taking on an allotment contact Ian Coxhead - 07782 328471