One of the major projects arising from our Parish Plan was the development of a recreation area around The Clubroom. The aim is to provide a focus for our community, a meeting place for anyone and everyone: individuals, small groups, families and friends, the whole village and more.

The first part of this plan to be completed was the new play area.

Work started on installing the new playground on 25th July 2013.

There is a photographic record of the playgound installation at the bottom of this page

The grand opening by Lord Iliffe was on 1st September 2013.


What next?

Eventually there might be a wildlife garden, a sensory garden, a fitness trail - it will take time, money and effort so watch this space over the next few years!

How did we get this far?

It all started with the Frilsham Parish Plan.

At the Clubroom, lots of people helped out over three working weekends during March 2012 to clear the area of scrub behind the clubroom and prepare the space for the development of a new play area.

A successful application to the Woodland Trust to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee meant we had 105 tiny saplings to plant. Many were planted by Frilsham residents with many children involved. Unfortunately, not all have survived but some have.

Other trees were sited in different locations around the village, including the churchyard, all in public areas so they can be shared by all. We were also given a special Royal Oak, which was planted by the Chairman of the Parish Council in a corner of the old village green, to replace the silver jubilee tree which didn't last 35 years!



Here are a few photographs showing the playground under construction...