The Broadsheet is the village newsletter for Yattendon, Frilsham and Hampstead Norreys.  It started in 1956 and has been produced continually since then.  There are 10 editions a year, with double editions in July/August and December/January.

The Broadsheet includes village news, forthcoming events, important contacts, church news, reports from village groups and schools and items of general interest such as local history, nature, gardening, cookery and much more.

News and Home News

The editorial team is always keen to receive contributions from people within the community, so please send in letters, notices, articles or poems!

Each month the Home News section features small items of news about the people of all three villages, which includes new people moving in, farewell to people moving away, births, marriages, special birthdays, special anniversaries, best wishes to people who are ill and, of course, sad news when we lose a member of our community.

If you know of any home news please send it in to  It doesn’t matter if it’s sent in twice – that’s much better than something being missed.


Articles sent in do not need to be long, a short article is probably more likely to be read!  For longer pieces one page is ideal and two pages the maximum.  The space on a page is smaller than you might think!  Photographs are great, so please include one if you have it but remember that printing will be in black and white.


The Broadsheet is a useful place to publicise local events.  Village event notices are not classed as adverts and you don’t have to pay to include them.  Any event can be publicised in two editions – once as a full page (if required) and once as a smaller notice, up to half a page. So, for example you could do a save the date notice and then a full-page poster.  Please remember that printing is in black and white and please avoid black backgrounds!

Copy Deadline

The deadline for each edition is the 15th of the month before.  The editors only have a few days between the deadline and sending the finished, proof-read magazine to the printers, so please send articles in good time.

Where to Buy It

The Broadsheet costs only 40p per edition, or £4 for the full year.  The best option is to subscribe for the year and then it will be delivered through your letter box each time.  To subscribe please email with your name and address.

Alternatively you can buy individual copies of the Broadsheet from Yattendon Stores or Hampstead Norreys Community Shop for 40p.


The costs of The Broadsheet are part-funded by the advertising which primarily features local businesses.  If you have your own business and would like to promote it you can contact the Advertising Manager by emailing

Like to Get Involved?

The Broadsheet is brought to you by a large team of volunteers who do a variety of different roles; there is a network of people who go round each month delivering the newsletter, there are people who manage the distribution, advertising and church pages, the treasurer and a team of editors.  There is always a need for new helpers, so if you’d like to get involved please email or talk to one of the members of the team.  The editorial team members in Frilsham include Sandra Wilkinson, Tessa Allum and Bob Lyon.