by Dorcas Ward

A History of Frilsham in Berkshire

Readers with long memories may recall a series of articles about the History of Frilsham, published in The Broadsheet between October 2012 and December 2015.  Several people asked if they could obtain a copy of them all brought together.  At the time it did not seem feasible.  But during this second Lockdown I have found the time and a way to achieve a compromise.  I now have two versions on paper which can be copied with the help of the staff in charge of the photocopier at Newbury Library.

A History of Frilsham in Berkshire is 175 pages long and includes all the footnotes and references to my sources.  I have made three copies: one for the Parish Council (if they have room in their archives) and one each for the Newbury Library’s local history section and the Berkshire Record Office in Reading, where they will be available for reference.

A History of Frilsham as published in the Broadsheet, a slimmer version (about 60 pages) is just a reproduction of the Broadsheet articles.

If anyone else would like a copy I would be happy to provide it (it may take a few days) at a cost of £5 for the short version and £10 for the longer, towards the maintenance of Frilsham Church.

Dorcas Ward

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