Nearby Villages


Geographically Yattendon is the nearest village to Frilsham – they are approximately 1.5 miles apart.

Frilsham and Yattendon have always been closely linked and this association continued even after the M4 motorway divided the villages in 1971. Although the motorway physically separates the two villages some homes that seem to be on the Yattendon side are actually in Frilsham!

As Frilsham no longer has a primary school  many of the children go to Yattendon School.

There have always been several groups that are ‘joint’ such as the Yattendon and Frilsham Tennis Club and the Frilsham and Yattendon Lunch Club. The relationship between the villages is close and they often come together for special celebrations, for example a street party for both villages held in Yattendon Square to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016.

Yattendon website


Hampstead Norreys

Hampstead Norreys is a much larger village than Frilsham with about three times as many houses. It is not spread out like Frilsham but is largely centred around the community shop, pub, school and church.

Like many villages close by, the River Pang runs through the village. Its size enables the village to support a large number of clubs and other social activities.

Hampstead Norreys website



Bucklebury is a much larger village and is in two parts – Bucklebury Village which is about 2.5 miles from Frilsham and Upper Bucklebury which is just over 4 miles away.

Like Frilsham the original settlement (Bucklebury Village) was on the River Pang. In recent years Upper Bucklebury has become the parish’s larger residential area.

Bucklebury website