Tool and Equipment Marking

Information from Thames Valley Police


Thames Valley Police have attended several burglary non dwellings and theft from vehicles over the last few weeks where offenders have gone to great lengths to enter a business, shed or vehicle.

The offenders are using a wide variety of tools to cut through very thick expensive padlocks, remove gates, cut cages and are not concerned about smoke cloaks, CCTV and alarm systems.

There has also been an increase of tool thefts, mainly chainsaws, leaf blowers and tradesman’s tools being stolen.

The most recent offences show that target hardening does not seem to put off these offenders.

If tools and equipment are marked, there is a higher chance of returning the items to the rightful owners.

  • Tools should be uniquely marked, photographed and recorded.
  • Register tools on the national database Immobilise including your postcode and property name or number.
  • Consider ‘Post coding’ and marking tools and equipment using the premises postcode and house number or first three letters of the property name.

Use property marking to uniquely mark tools. Popular options include overt visible permanent marking (painting or CRE-mark) or UV marking and DNA products.

Message from Claire Williams (Police, Administrator, West Berkshire)

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