Alabama Rot: Alert for dog owners

Alabama Rot: Check your dog daily

Last winter two dogs living in or near Frilsham were affected by the deadly disease Alabama Rot.

In the past month there have been confirmed cases in the south and south-west of England and another suspected case in Frilsham.  Once again dog owners should be vigilant.

The cause is unknown which means treatment can only be given for symptoms - the prognosis is poor - there is a low success rate.

Vets have reported that the disease thrives in cold, wet conditions and there is a sharp increase in cases between November and May.

Vets advise that dog owners should check their dogs daily for sores and lesions which can be the first symptoms of the disease.   These usually appear on the paws or legs but can be on the face, mouth, tongue or lower body.  Some vets also advise that washing mud from dogs after a walk may reduce the risk of contracting the disease.

The most important action is to check your dog daily and seek urgent veterinary advise if you spot unusual sores and lesions

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