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Monthly Archives: July 2019

need to comply by January 2020

Septic Tanks - New Rules   Many of the homes in our villages have septic tanks, rather than being connected to mains drainage.  If you have a septic tank are you aware that you need to be compliant with new rules regarding discharge from septic tanks by January 2020? Discharges from septic tanks directly to…
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Photos of Frilsham & Around

Share your favourite local picture here Funny - Topical - Local - Scenic Send it to future@frilsham.org.uk and share your photos with others. Important note - if your photograph features people you must ask their permission to display them on the website.  This is particularly relevant with children - it may be safer to just…
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Neighbourhood Watch

Please - keep your eyes peeled! If what you see looks suspicious, don't keep it to yourself - tell someone. The Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator is Tessa Allum - 01635 204044.  If you want to find out more about the Neighbourhood Watch in Frilsham, please go here.
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on Tuesday 23rd July

Delays Possible at Top of Beechfield On Tuesday 23rd July, Thames Water will be undertaking road works in Beechfield, outside 'Fir Trees'.  There will be three way traffic lights controlling the traffic, so delays are possible.  
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