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Implementing the Plan

Defibrillator Project

We all know by now the importance of an early response in the event of someone suffering a heart attack and a number of people have expressed an interest in the village obtaining a DEFIBRILLATOR which would be used in the event of such an emergency, particularly if an ambulance was delayed.

The most obvious site would be the telephone box at the top of Beechfield. The British Heart Foundation tell us that there is no need for the equipment to be locked away as there is no danger to children.

There is much work to do in terms of organising funding and training etc., but we would like to hear from YOU with your views and/or concerns. Time is of the essence as some funding that we could apply for is only available until the end of March 2013.

Ideally 8 or 10 people will be trained in the use of the equipment, results are much better with trained users. A number of villagers have already agreed to undergo training but we’d welcome more, so if YOU are interested, particularly if you are at home during the day, then please telephone or email us.

David and Caroline Cullip, 201203, caroline.cullip@btinternet.com or Sandra Wilkinson, sandrajanewilkinson@gmail.com

Progress to April 2012

  • We are continuing to work well with Yattendon Estates (YE), Yattendon & Frilsham Sports & Social Trust (YFSST), Frilsham Parish Council (FPC), Frilsham Clubroom Committee (FCC), Frilsham & Yattendon Football Club (FYFC), West Berks Council (WBC), Community Council for Berkshire (CCB), Voluntary & Community Sector West Berkshire (VCS) , Veolia Environmental Trust (VET) and Greenham Common Trust (GCT).
  • Work on improved Broadband is now being driven by WBC & FPC
  • Heating Oil syndicate options were explored and best option was found to be joining Hampstead Norreys syndicate run by James Hudson (March)
  • A weekend working party cut back the encroaching undergrowth around the car-park to make the available parking space much bigger, and the car park look much better – with FYFC (April)
  • Recreation Area Development (June onwards) –
    • We have obtained funding from Veolia Environmental Trust, Berkshire Rural Access to Services Programme, YFSST, WBC & FPC, with more to go; plus donations from Woodland Trust, YE; and wonderful effort in kind from many villagers and others
    • The coffee morning in July was well attended and received and produced lots of valuable feedback; our proposals have been cleared with WBC planning department
    • Three working weekends plus of scrub clearance and tree planting in March – 45 planted as hedges, 17 as trees, 15 in pots ready for planting out next year, 5 planted in churchyard, some trees still to be planted, some still to be placed, the royal oak to be planted by FPC Chairman in corner of Village Green
    • Initial development will focus on the playground while we continue fundraising for other elements; working on detailed purchase plan with FPC
  • Initiated Easy-Fundraising for Frilsham Future (September) – everyone can contribute at no cost to themselves www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/frilshamfuture/ please use it for your online ordering and help fund our new recreation area
  • Updates to the Frilsham parish website (September onwards)
  • New chairs for Clubroom (October) – using funding from Berkshire Community Foundation and WBC
  • Local History Group kicked off with a general meeting (September) and talk on 19th century schooling in Berkshire by John Trigg (November)