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creating a plan for our parish

"to meet the needs of the community and enhance village life"

After 2 years of consultation and development, the Frilsham Future Steering Committee with the residents of the village have produced a parish plan for Frilsham.  Each household has been given a printed copy and an online version is available below.  This extensive project allowed us to capture the needs and aspirations of our community.  Contained within this document is a short history of the village, an explanation of the planning process and the views of the population.  West Berkshire has officially endorsed this plan and consider it a key document that will influence their policies. 


The Frilsham Parish Plan



 A plan is designed to reflect the needs and aspirations of a community to influence local government and attract funding.  Producing a plan for our parish has been a massive exercise involving consultation in many guises.  One of the most extensive being the questionnaire that went to each member of the community.  That questionnaire was developed based on public opinions gathered at events and meetings.  Below is the original questionnaire, the analysed results and a presentation of the findings:


Frilsham Future Questionnaire - The Analysis                 Young People Questionnaire                              Adult Questionnaire



Presentation of questionaire results