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Hall terms, conditions and additional information

We ask that you read and understand these Terms and Conditions of hire before making your booking.

The hall is managed by committee consisting of unpaid volunteers. These conditions are intended to clarify what is expected from hires and we thank you for your co-operation and hope that you enjoy the use of our clubroom.

1 General

1.1 Liability

1.1.1 The committee will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to any property of the hirer(s) or any other person during the hire period or at any other time.

1.1.2 Whilst the hall has basic public liability insurance it is recommended that all hirers ensure they have adequate insurance to cover their event.

1.1.3 The “Hirer” is deemed to be the person making the booking and must be over 21 years of age. ID evidence will be required in the form of driving licence, passport or similar photographic ID.

1.1.4 The hirer is responsible for any damage or loss to the hall & grounds during the hire period. The Hirer is also responsible for ensuring the hall & grounds are left in a reasonably clean condition. If the hall & grounds are left in an unsatisfactory state, or if there is loss or damage, the booking deposit will be forfeited. In extreme cases any additional costs for cleaning, repairs or loss replacement may be levied on the hirer.

1.2 Bookings

1.2.1 Bookings shall be made with the booking secretary by phone or email. Bookings are secured by payment of a deposit for each let. At the booking secretary's discretion, the deposit may be increased or decreased for certain events.

1.2.2 The hire of the clubroom normally includes use of the adjacent football pitch. However when the pitch is required by the football clubs it is reserved for their exclusive use. The booking secretary can advise the times the pitch is planned to be used.

1.2.3 The clubroom is used as a polling station during any elections. As such there is a possibility that bookings may have to be cancelled on these days.

1.2.4 Full payment for the hire must be made no later than the time the hire commences.

1.2.5 The deposit will be refunded on satisfactory inspection of cleanliness of the hall, grounds & contents and return of the keys.

1.2.6 Cost of letting is reviewed annually and prices charged will be those in force at the time of the let regardless of when the booking was made. However, at the discretion of the committee, prepayment of bookings will secure the rate in force at the time of booking.

1.3 Parking

1.3.1 The car park is not exclusively for the use of the hall and is also used by the football club and other casual visitors.

1.3.2 The committee will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to any vehicles using the car park.

1.4 Considerate use

1.4.1 The hirer shall not sub-let the clubroom or hire it for any unlawful purpose. The hirer shall ensure that hall terms & conditions Page 2 of 3 no dangerous or illegal substances are brought onto the premises.

1.4.2 The selling of alcohol on the premises is forbidden unless you have obtained a licence from a licensing court. Provision of a bar for your own use is permitted providing no charge is levied.

1.4.3 Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the hall.

1.4.4 Please feel free to decorate the hall if required. However decorations and items such as balloons and streamers may only be attached to the hooks installed around the wall for this purpose. Please do not use pins or adhesive tape on the walls or paintwork.

1.4.5 The hall is fortunately located some distance from our neighbours but please be considerate when playing music at high volumes. In particular don’t leave the front doors open or the windows on the west side so as to cause a nuisance to the local residents.

1.4.6 The committee reserve the right of free access during any hire to observe compliance of the terms and conditions.

2 Access & Egress

2.1 Accessing the hall

2.1.1 The hirer will be advised where to collect the keys for the car park gate and front door. The keys should not be passed to a third party or must not be copied.

2.1.2 If vehicular access is required to the football pitch this should be requested in advance so a key for the pitch gate can be provided.

2.1.3 Upon entering the hall the alarm must be unset. You will be given a keyfob for the alarm panel and there are instructions displayed in the entrance.

2.1.4 If heating is required this should be turned on in the kitchen using the timer.

2.2 Leaving the hall

2.2.1 Please ensure that the hall is left clean and tidy when you leave. All tables and chairs shall be returned to where they were found. If the kitchen has been used all surfaces and the cooker shall be cleaned.

2.2.2 Refuse may be placed in the bin outside the hall. Any refuse that cannot be accommodated must be removed by the hirer. Please do not leave rubbish beside the bin as this attracts vermin.

2.2.3 Please ensure that all heaters and lights, including the outside floodlight over the main entrance, are switched off. All doors & windows shall be securely closed and locked when you vacate the Hall.

2.2.4 You will be advised if you need to close and lock the carpark gate on completion of the hire.

2.2.5 Please return keys to key holder or as advised. If you have damaged or broken anything please advise the person who you return the keys to.

2.2.6 In respect of those who live in the proximity of the hall, please be as quiet as possible when leaving the hall, especially if it is late at night.

3 Safety & Security

3.1 Event Safety

3.1.1 The hirer must provide sufficient numbers of responsible adults for adequate supervision of the event.

3.1.2 The hirer is responsible for providing suitable first aiders and first aid kits.

3.1.3 Please be advised the boundary of the hall grounds is not secure and unrestricted access to the road and adjacent woodlands is possible at all times. Please bear this in mind when young children are present.

3.2 Electrical safety

3.2.1 The fixed wiring in the hall and portable appliances are regularly tested for electrical safety. All sockets are protected by Residual Current Devices (RCDs) for personal protection.

3.2.2 The incoming supply and distribution boards are located in the kitchen. Please do not interfere with or modify this equipment with the exception of resetting the RCD or MCBs if necessary.

3.2.3 It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that any electrical equipment brought into the hall is safe to use. It is recommended that electrical equipment is PAT Certified by a competent electrical engineer.

3.3 Fire Safety

3.3.1 A fire risk assessment has been carried out for the hall as required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005. A copy is on display within the hall.

3.3.2 The hirer must nominate a competent person to take charge in case of Fire. The exit to the football pitch and the main doors are designated as Fire Exits and MUST REMAIN UNOBSTRUCTED AT ALL TIMES. The hirer must ensure that all persons at the hall can escape unimpeded and assemble in the car park in the event of a fire.

3.3.3 Two water and one CO2 fire extinguishers are located within the clubroom. These should only be used to tackle a fire if it does not endanger the operator. Improper operation of the Fire Alarm or extinguishers will result in the automatic loss of the deposit.

3.3.4 In the event of a fire the emergency services should be alerted. There is a phone box in the centre of the village. Leave the carpark and turn right. The phonebox is on the left in approximately 500 metres.

3.4 Security

3.4.1 The clubroom is fitted with an intruder alarm. Please unset the alarm with the key fob provided before entering the main hall. It is the responsibility of the hirer that the alarm is set when leaving the clubroom. Instructions on how to operate the alarm are displayed in the entrance lobby.

3.4.2 CCTV is in use at the hall for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety. This equipment is securely located and should not be interfered with. Please be advised that there are a number of security measures in place which may result in hearing damage should access be attempted.

3.4.3 Any unauthorised entry to the CCTV equipment will automatically result in the loss of the deposit.

3.4.4 The CCTV is operated in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. Any enquiries concerning CCTV images should be made to the committee.

Issue 1 - Frilsham Clubroom Committee - April 2008